About Mark

Superhero SideKick Mark

Mark is your business partner in success. His #1 agenda is to help your business grow and thrive to new heights that it has never experienced in the past. He holds many of the same traits that are other superheros also bear including that he will never give up, he will always get the job done, he has a passion for helping others, he knows he can get better results through the collaboration of team effort, and he has the ability to accomplish great feats.

SideKick Mark is no different from anyone else in life, well besides the fact that he is a superhero of course. He humbly understands that he would not be able to achieve the same level of success for the businesses that he assists in growing without the help of a closely knit team. He is lucky to have armed at his side, a team of brilliant and creative folks whom are always ready to step in and help when and wherever needed. Regardless if that is with brainstorming new and unique USP’s (unique selling positions) for a business, creating engaging copy that inspires action, building non-competitive mutual lead sharing local business alliances, or diving into the details to learn exactly what your competition is doing and how we can excel beyond them by leaps and bounds.

Mark, like most superheros sometimes hangs up his spandex work attire and lives a normal life as well. Once when his friend Tom set him up on a blind date he introduced Mark as “a cigar puffing, whiskey sipping, business building machine.” Impressed, doesn’t even begin to describe her reaction. Enough said.