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Research Pieces of the Internet Marketing Puzzle:

Research Piece #1: Search Marketing, the largest segment of all interactive* marketing is expected to grow from $1.75 Billion Dollars spent in 2010 to approximately $3.15 Billion Dollars in 2014.  By contrast; it is expected that all forms of Social Media marketing will be 10% of all online marketing dollars spent in 2014.

(Source: Forrester Research, Inc.)

Marketing Puzzle Recommendation:  Adjust your search marketing (Local, Organic and Pay Per Click) budget to 60% of your total interactive* marketing budget.

*(Interactive marketing includes online Search Marketing, online display advertising, email marketing, social media marketing.)

Research Piece #2: Social Media marketing including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Digg, Foursquare, Photobucket,, etc. is expected to grow to approximately 10% of the total interactive marketing dollars spent when compared to Search Marketing over the next five years.

(Source: Forrester Research, Inc.)

Marketing Puzzle Recommendation: Our interactive marketing team will manage and integrate your incremental marketing budget increases to include social media into the overall fabric of a total search marketing managed program.

Research Piece #3: In February 2011, nearly half of the entire United States population viewed an online video advertisement. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in more than 5 billion online video viewing sessions during the month of February 2011 as well.

Marketing Puzzle Recommendation:  Take advantage of the popularity of sites such as YouTube by incorporating video marketing into your online marketing budget.

Research Piece #4: Mobile Marketing through use of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc. are becoming increasingly popular as venues for interactive marketing.
(Source: Forrester Research, Inc.)

Marketing Puzzle Recommendation:  Mobile Marketing should be considered as part of your overall marketing strategy.

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