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Your website is often your best and only online sales opportunity. Period!

SideKick Mark creates beautiful and highly effective websites that will interest your visitors and impart a great first impression of your business. When someone visits your website they make a decision to stay or leave usually within the first 7 seconds of seeing your web page. We design appealing and informatively engaging sites that encourage your visitors to want to stay and learn more about your business.

Your website has just seven* seconds for your visitor to answer:

  • A – Why am I here?

  • B – What can this business do for me?

  • C – Do I want to contact this business to learn more?

*(According to Marketing Experiments Research Reports)

Our website design team has mastered this online 7 second challenge. We will create a website for your business that captivates your audience and creates buyer motivated interactive communications. Converting visitors to sales is the only true measure for the success of your website. Enjoy the benefits of a strategically planned website that encourage your visitors to take action and become your new customers.

Make your website become your newest sales team leader!

Great website design and informational content decides whether a visitor clicks through your website (usability) and if your potential customer is interested in purchasing your products and services. Your website will be designed to rank well in search engines and drive new customer visits to your site. We design fast loading websites, which are appreciated by your sites’ visitor and the search engines. We will build you a search engine friendly site that will work… and work… and work!

SideKick Mark’s Three Stage Website Design Process

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Your first action step and best strategy is to contact SideKick Mark for a free, no obligation consultation to learn why and how our team should build a website for your business. One of our SideKick Mark website design managers is available for a no obligation discussion: Let’s begin your initial free consultation by calling us at (323) 420-8050.

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