Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SideKick Mark implements a 10 step marketing approach designed to help your website receive top ranking within search engines and enhance the visibility of your website online.

Research Process

1st Step – Learning About Your Business

We have an initial consultation with you and/or your staff to allow us to better understand your business and projected marketing goals.  Our consultation will focus on:

– Overview of Your Business
– Your Business Goals
– Goals for Your Online Marketing
– Overview of Your Key Competitors

2nd Step – Website Analysis

– We analyze your existing website (if you have a site) to determine its overall search engine friendliness including structure, navigation and current content.

– We analyze your website’s current search engine positioning to help us determine key strategies for your marketing goals.

3rd Step – Competitive Analysis

We take a detailed analysis of your top known competitors and formulate a strategic plan to achieve first page rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo above your competitors within search engine results.  Successful online marketing requires a thorough understanding of your competition to create a winning search engine optimization strategy for your online marketing campaign.

4th Step – Keyword Research

Selecting the correct keyword phrases (search terms) targeted for your online campaign is one of the most important elements for achieving online success.  Targeting keyword phrases that are too broad and have too much competition can result in greatly delaying or reducing the success of your online marketing efforts.  Targeting irrelevant or rarely searched keyword phrases may achieve you top ranking in search engines, but still result in poor online sales performance. Carefully chosen keyword phrases will ensure your marketing dollars are used wisely and increase your online business performance directly inline with your marketing goals.

Our keyword research team will perform a comprehensive analysis for your online campaign.  This detailed report will showcase our keyword phrase recommendations that we suggest implementing for your online marketing campaign.  The final keyword phrases are reviewed and will be mutually agreed upon.

Application Process

5th Step – Website Optimization and Subject Content Recommendations

Upon completion of our initial research; we begin to implement the required changes to your website to make it search engine and user friendly.  Our team will:

– Apply the necessary changes to the meta data of your site including: Titles, Descriptions, Meta Tags, Image Alt Tags, H1 & H2 Tags.
– Internal Linking.
– Creation of a Sitemap.
– Google Analytics implementation.
– Content optimization recommendations.
– Website coding recommendations.
– Blog recommendation (if needed)
– Navigation and website structure recommendations.

6th Step – Search Engine and Directory Submissions

We will manually submit your website to more than 100 search engines and online directories including of all the dominant players such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing (formally MSN), Aol & Ask whose collective search volume comprise over 95% of all searches performed in the US.

7th Step – Initial Ranking Report

We will create an initial ranking report for your website, which is used as a guideline to track the overall performance of your online ranking improvements.

Online Marketing Process

Obtaining and sustaining top online search rankings requires continuous marketing efforts to keep up with the constantly changing search engine ranking algorithms to ensure that your site is always staying ahead of your competition’s online marketing efforts.

8th Step – Targeted Link Building

Link building involves the process of obtaining incoming links to your site from a large variety of sources on the Internet.  Links are viewed by search engines like a vote in a public election.  The more votes (links) your site has; the higher it will rank in search engine results.

All link building is done manually to comply with all spamming guidelines and prevent from receiving potentially any negative penalties against your website from the major search engines. This “white hat” approach will provide your website with lasting results that will have a positive impact on your marketing efforts for years to come.

– Manual directory submissions
– Article submissions
– Social bookmarking
– Press release syndication
– Blog and forum commenting

9th Step – Detailed Monitoring and Tracking

We will create and provide you with monthly search engine ranking reports that will allow you to keep track of the progress being made for your website’s online marketing efforts.  We will also provide you with access to detailed traffic reports of your website on a monthly basis.

10th Step – Rinse and Repeat

We will analyze the results of your campaign and continue to implement the necessary changes to your site while continuing to carry on additional link building to keep improving your sites’ keyword phrase rankings within the major search engine results.

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