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Google’s Local Business Center is Now Google Places

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Google’s previously named “Local Business Center” has been revamped and rebranded with a new name called “Google Places”. Google Places is a marketing tool offered by Google that is utilized by many businesses from large to small which allows local business to be found by prospective customers in their own backyard. This transformation of what was already a great tool has received new upgrades. Google hopes to help businesses even further increase their local traffic with these enhancements to this marketing tool.

With a bevy of new features, businesses will be able to market their brand to more people with the power of the web. If you haven’t taken advantage of this localized business tool, now is the time to start!

Below are some of the improvements that make the newly improved “Google Places” an even better internet marketing tool.

• More personalization options. While the previous local business center allowed businesses to supply their company information, hours of operation, and pictures, the new “Google Place” has even more options! In select cities, Google will now even come to your business and take pictures and video, which can be used to enhance your “Google Places” page.

• Display service areas. Does your business provide services to different geographic areas? With “Google Places”, you can display the different geographic areas that you serve. This is a great way to increase business in locations other than your main headquarters.
• Display real-time updates. Do you want customers to know about a new sale or a special event? “Google Places” now allow companies to display real-time updates on their Google Places page! This is a great way to easily connect with customers!

• Use customized QR codes. Businesses can download a customized QR code! This code can be placed on business cards and other printed materials. This allows customers to scan the code and then be taken directly to the business “Google Places” page! This is a great way to inform potential customers about your products and services!

Businesses are able to take advantage of these new features to help increase sales. Google even offers a personalized dashboard that shows businesses how many people clicked on their “Google Places” page, and what searches their visitors made to reach the “Google Places” page. This is a great way to learn even more about your customers!

If you are a local business looking for attractive ways to reach more customers in your area “Google Places” is an effective marketing tool that can help you do just that. By approaching your local online business marketing with a strategic plan of attack you can manage to stand out from your competition and have your business found on the 1st page of Google. You can increase your sales and bring in more local customers with the help of this marketing tool. Feel free to contact us to learn more of how we can help you take advantage of the true power of using “Google Places” today.