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Why and How Online Video Marketing is Important to Increasing Visitor Traffic?

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The phenomenon of video marketing has grown enormously in popularity compared to the yester years. Video marketing, today, has given birth to a much faster way of conveying your messages to the visitor. Think about it – how many visitors do you think read an entire 500 word article on a website? Statistics say that, on average, visitors decide to stay or leave on a page within a 7 second time span of entering into a web page or blog article. Not only this, statistics also say that 95% of the blogs and websites out there fail to grasp the attention of their visitors, because of the lengthy articles that are being used. This is where video marketing steps in. Through video marketing, you can not only create an ever-lasting effect on your visitor, but you can also show him what he needs to know within seconds.

But, the question remains, why video marketing is so highly regarded today compared to the other marketing methods? Well, the answer to that question is hidden in some of the facts below:

Playing with Human Psychology:
It is in our nature to be attracted to things that we ‘see’. In other words, visually enticing visitors is the benefit video marketing offers. When you see something many are more easily convinced of its credibility, whereas if you read about it, there is more of a chance you will doubt the information. Maybe this is because videos usually take more time and effort to create and therefore the medium is scoured with less spam intrusion. The charm of video marketing is that you can show your customers what you want to show them in a matter of seconds instead of writing a lengthy report on it. And, as we already know, nobody is interested in ‘reading’ long dreary reports in today’s day and age.

Driving Traffic through YouTube:
YouTube has become the number one online video watching website. In fact, it is now a complete world where video watchers from all over the world come to watch videos and share it with their friends. Moreover, the boom of social media websites has added more strength to the whole process. Hundreds of videos are watched online by visitors of YouTube and then these videos are shared with friends and family. How does it benefit you? It’s simple – your five minute video can appeal to the visitor so much that he will share it with hundreds of his friends through medium such as Twitter or Facebook. His friends will do the same and the chain will go on. Ask yourself honestly – does that happen with articles or reports?

I thought that might be what you’d answer.

Adding Links to Your Videos:
Lastly, people benefit greatly by adding links to their websites or referring affiliate products in their videos. A fitness model can exhibit his newly launched protein supplement in his video while showing his beefy body, which can turn views into new customers buying the product from your website. Why? Simply because they are being ‘visually convinced’ by the products results! That cannot be done through article marketing.

Is it for you?

The best part about video marketing is that anyone and everyone can go for it. You don’t need any special skills of video making. All you need to have is a camera that can record videos and you are on your way to create a short and sweet video message for your visitors!